Define primary and secondary packaging?

Define primary and secondary packaging?

💙The primary packaging consist of those packaging components which have a direct contact with the product (i.e. bottle, cap, cap liner, label etc).

💞The secondary packaging mainly provides the additional physical protection necessary to endure the safe warehousing and for refill packaging.

✍🏼Define Strip package and Blister package?

📦Strip packages 🎁have at least one sealed pocket of material with each pocket containing a single dose of the product📦The package is made of two layers of film or laminate material. The nature and level of protection which is required by the contained product will affect the composition of these layers.

📦Blister packages❤ are composed of a base layer, with cavities called blisters which contain the pharmaceutical product, and a lid📦This lid is sealed to the base layer by heat, pressure or both📦 They are more rigid than strip packages and are not used for powders or semi-solids📦 In tropical areas blister packages with an additional aluminium membrane is used which provide greater protection against high humidity.